Thursday, September 24, 2009

Six Months

Here are the offical stats:
Height: 28.75 inches - 98th percentile

Weight: 18 lbs 5 oz - 63rd percentile

Nice and solid!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Cup

This week we decided to introduce Landon to the cup. He has always loved drinking water from our cups and water bottles. He did pretty well. We have to fill it really full because he doesn't quite have the concept of tipping the cup up for the water to come out. It's really cute when we bring out 'his' cup- he gets really excited and starts reaching for it. The moment we give it to him he practically slams it into his mouth.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kisses and waves

This last week we have been working with Landon on giving kisses and waving to us. He has been watching Baby Einstein, First Moves, and he loves it! I highly recommend it. It definitely helped teach him how to wave. He is getting really good at kisses. If we lay him on his belly and we pucker our lips he will lean right in, open-mouth and all, and plant one on us. Last night was the first time he really started waving. We were at our friend's house and he was sitting on my lap- Keilah was on the computer and he turned to her and started waving his hand. Then he started waving at Jeremy and Steve. It was the cutest thing. The best however was when we got home. I was nursing him right before he went to bed, and he pulled off all of a sudden, looked up at me, grinned, and started waving. It was the absolute best thing. I of course totally teared up. They say you are really emotional when you are pregnant- but I would have to say it's even worse once your baby is finally here. I will try and put a video up of his new tricks for our family.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Sorry to all of our family for not updating our blog. I know it has been forever. Here is a little recap of the last month and a half. I also have pictures from Papa's surprise 50th birthday and Landon's first Mariners game that I will put up asap... (they are on a different camera that is currently not in our possession).

First vacation to Montana for Great Grandma and Grandpa Steven's 50th wedding anniversary. Landon did awesome for the 8 1/2 hour car ride. We only had to stop once- and that's because I had to use the bathroom!

At the rest stop on the way there.

Sitting with cousins on family picture day.
Family BBQ our first night in Montana.

Hanging with dad before going to the lake.
Jeremy with two of his sisters.

Landon hanging out with Grandma Debbie and his new frog.

After the anniversay weekend, we drove over to Hamilton to visit with the Klippenstein side of the family.

Landon with cousin Cassandra.

Sleeping in the giant bears at the Three Bears Cafe. He was getting fussy so we laid him in between the two stuffed bears, and he was out in no time!

Spending time with Great Grandpa Klip.

First camping trip to Long Beach/Astoria with Sarah and James. We went to see the kite festival. It was a ton of fun and Landon did great! We were a little worried on how well he would sleep, but he did awesome and slept almost nine hours. Jeremy and I on the other hand were up half the night because of all the noise the Elk were making.

Sitting with Fufu on the way there.

So happy to finally be out of the car and at the campsite.
James and Jeremy setting up our HUGE tent.

First campfire.

Walking around at the Kite Festival.
Last day of the Kite Festival.

It was sooooo cold!

He is getting so big! We have his 6 month appointment in a couple of weeks so I will post the official stats then. But as far as weight goes he is over 18 pounds! Definitely a solid little man.