Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update on our lives...

Ok, here is the long awaited update and pictures for our family. Landon's baby blessing was May 3rd and it was wonderful. We are grateful for all the friends and family that attended- it definitely was a special day. He turned two months old yesterday and is growing up so fast. He is such a happy baby- very active and social. Yes, he still is quite a sleeper- averaging a good eights hours every night In the morning is when he is the happiest and smiles the most. Sometimes he smiles so big that he causes himself to start coughing. I can't wait until the real laughing starts. Jeremy is the best at making him "laugh" but I still say he is a mommy's boy...and we all know why that is!

Jeremy has been really busy with insurance, the hot dog stand in Seattle, coaching the church softball team, and starting up the city league softball team in June. Friday he starts running the stand at Ride the Duck and is really excited for that. He is working really hard for the family and I am extremely grateful he allows me to be a stay at home mommy. It definitely is the best job in the world!

My tailbone is healing up really well. I now only need my donut to drive in the car and go to church. Hopefully I will be completely healed when we take our road trip down to Montana at the end of July. I absolutely love staying at home with baby!